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Man sentenced in Edinburgh High Court for armed robbery

Man sentenced in Edinburgh High Court for armed robbery

Edinburgh High Court – by Ryan Latto

A failed robbery of a local shop brings a sentence of 2 years for a troubled Scottish man.

Originally posted in Edinburgh Napier News

A Clackmannanshire man with a “troubled upbringing” was sentenced to two years imprisonment in Edinburgh Sheriff Court this morning for armed robbery.

An intoxicated James Jaffery held-up a newsagents to pay off his brother’s drug debt.

The court heard that upon entering the newsagents in August 2017, Jaffery bought a can of juice and told the cashier to “keep the change” before he raised an air-rifle at the staff member and attempted to rob the shop.

In his defence, his advocate detailed Jaffery’s commitment to his Drug Treatment Testing Order (DTTO) placed on him after his arrest. He has been in custody since.

She said: “Mr Jaffery is on a strict methadone programme and his intake  has reduced. His DTTO will expire in November 2018 and we request his sentence is served in concurrence with this order so he can receive public services and support after his time in prison.

“We must take into consideration Mr Jaffery’s catastrophic upbringing and his dependence on drugs. This is a sad case, really.”

However, Mr Jaffery has been in trouble before, attending in the Perth Sheriff Court both for housebreaking and theft.

Lord Summers said: “I had no intention in my mind to give the defendant a sentence that short.  Despite Mr Jaffery pleading guilty, and his troubled upbringing, I cannot condone the behaviour of one man raising a weapon at a shop keeper to pay of his brother’s drug debt.”

Lord Summers considered Mr Jaffery’s guilty plea and reduced his sentence from 3 years to 2 with no option for bail permitted.



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